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While the District and many Groups use Facebook and emails as a primary and secondary means of communication between leaders and parents/carers, this website is intended to be the public face of North Lincolnshire Scouts.

We identified a need to produce a website that followed the brand guidelines of The Scout Association which would serve for us to provide information to parents/carers of members and prospective members while also providing some functionality for our leadership.

Design and costs were researched, with the contract eventually being awarded to Indicoll Limited of Beverley.

We should declare a person of interest, ie Gary McCune, formerly City of Hull DC, who has recently been appointed County Commissioner for Humberside.

Gary is Service Director for Indicoll and I welcome him here this evening. Congratulations on your appointment Gary. Thank you for your involvement and determination.

Indicoll have previously built websites for Humberside Scouts and City of Hull Scouts.

Those of you familiar with these websites will recognise their design and see similarities of course, but the content is entirely ours.

When you get home later this evening, or maybe tomorrow, please visit our website and acquaint yourselves with the content and functionality.

Please also publicise the site among your leaders and the parents/carers of the hundreds of young people within our organisation across the North Lincolnshire district.

I won’t go into every menu item; I think it’s best you log in to your computers and explore for yourselves.

Our website is an important development for North Lincolnshire Scouts and is a major investment to grow our membership across the District.

If you have any comments or contributions then get in touch. We welcome your involvement.

Please add to your favourites.

Thank you.

Richard Kitchen

Chairman, North Lincolnshire Scouts

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